August 28, 2020
Growth in a Time of Chaos – Constant Self Improvement

Stop Putting Yourself on the Back Burner.

Unforeseen Change

This year has been a constant year of challenges.  2020 threw some curveballs at all of us and we have found ourselves sedentary and homebound. Glued to screens, posture, mental health, and activity have decreased.  When a routine is in place,  we can manage diet and stress accordingly. But, when suddenly  thrown into a different environment, our needs become secondary. We even find ourselves regressing back to old patterns waiting for “someday.”


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Like many Americans, due to Covid-19, I was thrown into a  transition period. I became increasingly frugal with my finances and didn’t want to spend the time cooking and using resources. Since gyms were closed, nutrition and working out became the thing  I was willing to sacrifice to ease my mind.  I focused on the other things in my life that demanded my time so much that routine was whatever was (safe) and convenient.

Thus, I fell into a “someday” narrative. A narrative that we are all familiar with. The idea that someday, when things have settled, all will mellow out. That someday, when all of this passes, we will get back on the horse. However, that is not only a disservice to ourselves and the investment we have put in but I also find that I put off “someday.”

Even In Crisis, You Matter

What helped me in this time was a personal health framework that is non-negotiable. Community and coaching are wonderful ways to make yourself active and accountable.  I am in the process of creating a conversation on food management and eating patterns in times of change (Since diet, nutrition, and health are the first things I sacrifice when I’m stressed). Finding online forums such as Total Body Confidence helps get inspiration and can reignite the self-investment. There are many articles about becoming lethargic in quarantine. All the solutions point in investing in yourself. Though you cannot change everything going on around you, you can make healthy changes that last. 

So Go Ahead, Invest A Little: 

In the peak of many changes this year, when it is so easy to slip through the cracks, instead of becoming overwhelmed and sedentary with stress, invest in yourself. Conquer crisis.  Why can’t someday be today? Treat yourself to communities and resources that are flexible and work with you.  Because you do matter! You can stay grounded when the world feels like it is spinning all around you. 

My call to action to you is to think of what you are holding back in a time of change and challenge yourself to invest or reinvest in yourself. 

If you would like to connect feel free to connect with me and follow the Beometry page for more content! If you’re determined to start your healthy journey, our coaches can help you out. Give us a call and we’ll be glad to be part of your journey.

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