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Lose weight and strengthen your body with our 3 Step Balanced Body System.
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Here’s What You’ll Learn From Our Beometry Personal Training Balanced Body System


This guides the exercises we select for long lasting fitness progress while preventing issues such as injuries, pain, strains and other common problems like knee, back, shoulder, and neck pain.

Different kinds of body types hold stress differently which means different shaped people need to move differently and do different exercises.


Having tighter muscles on one side is the biggest predictors of injury.

If your left side is tighter than your right, it can be more painful and overwork leading to injuries that derail your fitness.

What can cause limitations in range of motion?

  • Painful joint
  • Problematic joint above or below the point of pain
  • Tension elsewhere in the body
  • Weak, stiff, or untrained foot
    Previous injury avoidance leading to weakness

We assess which of these parts of the body are creating a limitation in the body to lower risk of injury and improve range of motion.


Many people seek us for Tacoma Personal Training to help them with weight loss.

You may be wondering if you should do activities like:

  • Yoga
  • Running
  • Weight lifting
  • Hiking
  • Sports

These are common concerns when you feel pain or discomfort.

Weight loss like all physical activities involves risks and benefits.

The workout length, and kinds of exercises will depends on your schedule, energy, what you eat, and body tightness.

Calculating these and other factors like schedule, injury history, energy levels, and current fat stores allows us to know where to begin to build health and lose weight safely.

For years I’d had back pain, numbness in my toes and felt off balance. At Beometry they focus on health before fitness and that’s something I value about the instructors and people that come to this place. Besides going from 227 pounds to 198 pounds (without ever focusing on my weight) the biggest difference is I literally feel 20 years younger. Before starting it took inertia for me to even get off the couch, do basic life activities or even get out of bed. It was like I was fighting my body. Now the threshold for everything I do is so low living life is easy.


Achy or Painful Knees?

When your back, hips, and knees tighten it pulls the weight off your body off balance. This can create overuse of your knees putting them in a unstable and even painful position. Having a tight back or hips can create overuse of other joints including your knees.

Vanish Your Joint Woes with our Complimentary “Pain Free Perfect Squat System” for Mobility Training and Restoring Range Of Motion.

My knees were cracking, popping, and hurting just bending them. Small things like sitting on my couch were painful. My doctor told me I had arthritis and I thought “ Well I guess I’m just old”. I can’t believe that by doing these simple exercises my knees don’t hurt anymore. I can easily sit, walk, and get up again which has helped me lose over 22 pounds.
Kim H.


Hi I’m Isaac.

I started Beometry because I grew up suffering from my weight, back and knee pain, and self confidence which begin at 8 years old.Even though I grew up with a Doctor in my house I wasn’t healthy. I learned there was more to health than taking antibiotics and medications. My pain lead me to travel the world to discover what our bodies need.

The things we aren’t taught but are need to thrive and be fully alive.

I’ve spent the last 2 decades learning how to build strength without injury, eat healthy while enjoying food, and take care of myself physically and emotionally.

I created our Beometry systems to share that with you.

Our mission is to help business owners, self managed professionals, family leaders and health care professionals maintain health, energy, and freedom in their body’s without the common pitfalls that ensare people when they go on this amazing journey.

We’re here to give you the support, tools, and strategies to succeed.

If you’re ready to start our team would love to start you with our “Balanced Body Call”.

If you’re not quite ready, thats OK. I’ve been there. Get my free “3 Steps To Simple Wellness” Training and start living an energized life with ease in your body.

After training with Isaac for 3 years I can say the results I achieved are due to a perfect combination of diverse training knowledge and applied customization in my program. Not only has he improved my posture and helped me lose weight but he has treated me for many pains and dysfunctions including devastating chronic shoulder pain. Whatever physical or emotional injury I come in with he is always able to design a session around me so I get value from each session. Training with Isaac is definitely a whole package. He is a life coach, fitness trainer, therapist and councils on nutrition. He has my highest recommendation.
Dr. Rabeea R.



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