People often choose Beometry for semi private personal training when they:

  • Want to workout with friends or community
  • Have a group with the similar goals and health values
  • Have a small group to challenge and encourage them
  • Like a familiar setting with fewer people and distractions
  • Want equipment to be available for consistent workouts and progress
  • Value Time Efficiency
  • Want a customized program to address their personal needs, body and goals



Semi Private Personal Trainer in Tacoma

Beometry is the preferred choice for individuals seeking semi-private personal training with a focus on efficient fitness goal achievements. Our clients can enjoy a gym environment but with a priority on time, avoiding excessive hours.

Beometry's semi-private personal training approach combines community benefits and individualized attention. Tailored for goal-oriented individuals, this program ensures privacy, a sense of fun, and a supportive atmosphere, addressing the discomfort some clients feel in larger commercial gyms.


Whether private or semi private personal training, a common characteristic of clients that like benefit from these training styles is they have a FOCUS. Our clients have goals and want to get there as quickly and efficiently as possible.

They may love being in the gym but they don’t want to spend HOURS in the gym.

Working out is something they do to take care of themselves, it’s enjoyable but their ultimate goal is to build their lives and enjoy time experiencing the world

Semi private personal training also has the benefit of the community and developing relationships with other people who are working towards the same goals.

We cater to the very goal-oriented, but we also help those looking for privacy and fun.

Distance Coaching PC Behind Shoulder 2-min

Many of our clients do not feel comfortable working out at commercial big box gyms.

They may find private personal training gyms and building relationships help them stay consistent with their progress and enjoyment.

You can be a busy biz owner needing to maximize your time, or someone just getting started after years of inactivity.

Whoever you are, we can help you get moving, feel great, and build confidence with our 3 Step Balanced Body System.

To learn more about how to start, resources and frequently asked Tacoma Personal Training questions click the button below.


Maybe you’re ready to start working with a trainer in that case head to our TACOMA PERSONAL TRAINER PAGE and schedule a call with one of our coaches.

But maybe you’re just not quite ready.

I get it.

Until you are, take my “3 Steps To Simple Wellness “ training.

It’s my free course to help you boost your energy, feel more ease in your body, and get you set up for success so when you are ready you’ll avoid the common struggles that many people hiring a personal trainer encounter that stop them from easily losing fat, building strength, and staying pain free.


Private personal training cost/rates vary.

The rates of private personal training are dependent on the expertise, education and the specialties the personal trainer may offer.

  • An entry-level certified personal training session could start around $50.00
  • A more experienced certified personal training session may be $75.00.
  • A specialized private personal training session may be $100.00 or more.
  • A private personal training program with a trainer who has systems and process may include nutrition, mobility, stretching, apps and other tools to amplify results; these programs can range $300.00 or more a month.
  • Private personal training programs with higher expertise and proven results in the field of injuries, body renewal, or success with special populations maybe $250.00 or more per session or offer specific solution based programs.

  • When picking a private personal training program ask the trainer about their experience solving your specific problem, what they would recommend, and how they would suggest fixing the problem.
  • A quality private personal training program with a specialist will likely evaluate you before recommending a program ( in the same way a doctor might run labs before putting you on medications).
  • A thoughtful intake and analysis should be done before starting exercise in a private personal training program.
  • The cost/rate of training may also vary if you private personal training is shared with other participants, less individualized, or support/ guidance is removed from the program.
  • To location private personal training may includes an additional fee depending on the equipment, transportation, liability insurance, and time required for the personal trainer to travel and fulfil the session .


What is private personal training?

Private personal training can mean that a trainer gives 1-on-1 attention to a client. In our case, it means that no other clients are in the facility, and the client gets 1-on-1 attention.

What’s the difference between private and semi private personal training?

The difference between private and semi private personal training is that private is 1-1 attention, while semi private is a trainer giving attention to a small group of clients at the same time. Semi private personal training is also known as private group training/semi private group training.

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