Beometry Fitness And Nutrition Coaching in Tacoma

Beometry is a boutique fitness studio specializing in holistic fitness and nutrition coaching. We start all of our nutrition and fitness coaching clients with an assessment because we want to understand where you are currently.During the assessment we look at your

  • health habits, nutrition
  • joint movement
  • mindset
  • skeletal structure.

Then we use that information to design a custom program that will help you reach your goals, while preventing pain and injuries that would hamper your success.


Your fitness and exercise coach is here to provide accountability, customized nutrition coaching and specific programming as the cornerstone of your personal training program. If you’re struggling with chronic pain or suffer from previous injuries that make it hard to achieve your goals, you’re in the right place. We design specific programs to rebalance your body. Our proprietary fitness and nutrition training system identifies the factors that contribute to pain and offers you methods to remove it, so you can move freely.


  • Have a specific goal or area of your body you want to target
  • Need accountability and motivation
  • Have a demanding schedule and need flexibility in scheduling your sessions
  • Have pain or Injuries that have kept you from reaching your health goals


We’ve introduced virtual fitness programs to help our clients improve their health wherever they are. Using our online app and live virtual training sessions, we offer you a customized health plan, accountability and instruction so you can reach your health goals from anywhere (including your living room).


  • Want To Workout From Home
  • Need Workout Lengths That Fit Your Schedule
  • Need Variety With Current Equipment Available
  • You’re Finally Ready To Do Something About Your Health

Mobility Training

Mobility training is for those needing to improve full range of motion in any part of their body. We sit so much for work, and opt for tv instead of outdoor activity that most of the US population has mobility issues. 

Mobility Training Is For You If You:

  • Sit all day for work
  • Are recovering from injury
  • Are just starting your fitness journey
  • Are an athlete with strength imbalances
  • Have pain in certain positions
  • Can’t move through full range of motion (ROM)

Weight Loss Fitness Programs

We offer weight loss programs that cover a holistic approach to lifestyle, nutrition, movement, and strength training. We are your alternative to fad diets, surgery, and pills.

A Weight Loss Fitness Program Is For You If You:

  • Are diabetic
  • Overweight
  • Have some love handles
  • Just can't get passed a sticking point
  • Need a lifestyle change to look and feel better

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