You never thought much of your shoulder until you suddenly felt pain when raising your hands or reaching your back. Your shoulder joints will likely deplete as you age, especially the rotator cuff tendon causing soreness/pain. The pain can be gradual or abrupt, ranging from moderate to excruciating, which becomes persistent over time.



Relieve Shoulder Pain with Help of a Personal Trainer in Tacoma

Shoulder pain is a common issue that can negatively affect daily activities. Fortunately, it can be effectively addressed through the right training plan. Beometry's specialized personal trainers provide  exercise guidance with correction of posture mistakes for significant progress in shoulder pain relief.

The good news is, with proper physical exercise, shoulder pain can improve exceptionally. Strength training effectively elevates shoulder health and alleviates pain. Studies show that physical activities relieve shoulder conditions such as arthritis, rotator cuff injuries, and shoulder impingement.

Aided by a personal trainer, you are likely to encounter multiple benefits that can help alleviate that shoulder pain.

Working with Beometry can help you achieve fitness goals while managing shoulder pain effectively.

Does your shoulder pain keep you up at night and make sleeping a struggle?

Even if you’ve tried exercises for your shoulder, you may have poor posture that pulls on your shoulder.

Your back is the center of your nervous system.

When the nervous system is inflamed it makes life harder, tasks harder to do, and activities harder to do ( no matter how much you love them).People seek us out to hire a Tacoma Personal Trainer to create “ better posture” and often need to learn the 5 Common Mistakes that can create pulling in the neck and shoulders.

Learn what they are and how to fix them.

Our “ Common Back Pain Posture Mistakes” guide will show you:

  • Standing Mistakes
  • Seated Mistakes
  • Bending Mistakes
  • Leaning Mistakes
  • Execise Mistakes
  • Neck Mistakes
  • Shoulder Pulling Mistakes

…and how to straighten out the center of your body.

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While experiencing any shoulder problem, physical exercise and therapy are essential to help you get your strength back. Apart from mental and physical wellness, exercising for shoulder pain strengthens and supports tissue healing.

Although you will have to do supervised and routine workouts through personal training, gradually, you will regain your normal activities and get improving results on your shoulder problem. Individual training workouts for shoulder pain are more than exercise. Therefore working with a personal trainer is helpful through the following:

Designing a Personal Training Program

When struggling with shoulder pain, you require a customized workout program specifically made for your needs. Therefore, the program should address that specific issue. A personal trainer will help you customize that program by building activities for your daily routine while considering your goals.

Proper Assessment of Shoulder Pain

Although you may know your problem, performing a correct assessment of the shoulder condition is necessary for creating an appropriate workout plan. Also, assessing your progress will help determine if you're achieving the primary goal.

When planning your workout program, the trainer will record your pulse rate, shoulder range of motion, weight, strength, function, and pain intensity.

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Personal training aims to help you develop a quality exercise plan that suits your schedule and accommodates your expectations. One of the disappointments in exercising is not achieving your expectations. Therefore, setting realistic goals and the duration to achieve them is essential for your success.

Often, people find motivation when they have a specific goal in mind. It keeps them on track, helping them become more physically active and realistic.


While you can exercise on your own by gathering information from different sources, having an expert's knowledge and supervision helps to work around your schedule and keep your requirements into account.

By relying on a personal trainer's expertise, you are more likely to follow through with the fitness program consistently. Proper workout techniques like movement and strength exercises can help eliminate the pain.


A physical development program is a gradual process that requires proper tracking as you progress to determine success. A personal trainer can monitor your workouts while in progress to determine whether you are on the right path. If not, they can adjust your workout plan to strike a balance and see improvements.


Chronic shoulder pain prevents you from regular movements slowing you from normal operations. However, consistent corrective exercises can control and improve this uncomfortable condition.

An excellent home-based exercise program can improve neck and shoulder pain significantly. Similarly, it helps decrease pain and symptoms of shoulder impingement and rotator cuff inflammation while improving scapular stability.

A personal trainer can use various techniques while applying the corrective exercises for your shoulder pain. Here are some of those techniques:

Creating Proper Workout Routines

When it comes to exercise for shoulder pain, consistency is very crucial. However, the pain can interfere with your workout routine. Depending on the cause and severity of your shoulder condition, your trainer can personalize a workout routine to support your healing process.

While preparing that workout routine, your trainer will put the following into consideration:

  • Your goals
  • Physical activities to help with the shoulder condition
  • Planning a logical progression of activity
  • Build a daily schedule
  • Ensure you follow a healthy diet

Incorporating Resistance Training

Your shoulder is a compound joint that has three bones, four muscles, and several tendons working together. They provide stability, allowing you to rotate, lift, and move your arm. Hence, most activities are likely to cause a strain on the shoulder muscle.

However, a personal trainer knows to combine various resistance and strength training workouts to improve muscle flexibility and mobility. Resistance training will also enhance your posture while strengthening the muscles surrounding the shoulder joint. It will create more stability and an overall strong body structure.

Advice in Nutrition and Hydration for Shoulder Health

Proper hydration is crucial for flushing toxins out of the body when recovering from a shoulder injury. Water also helps transport nutrients into the body cells, which regulates and balances body temperature. In addition, water assists in reducing muscle soreness and tension by keeping your cartilage soft and flexible.

Consumption of sufficient nutrients gives you energy, minerals, and vitamins that give your bones strength and proper density reducing the risk of fractures. The right diet also helps strengthen ligaments and tendons, which helps your muscles function. That's why you need adequate nutrition and hydration coaching.

Offering Corrective Exercises for Postural Alignment

Shoulder pain is prevalent in most people, and the injuries can suspend your daily routine if not properly rehabilitated. A personal trainer can identify the dysfunction of your shoulders and help you return to good form using corrective exercises.

A personal trainer can prepare a corrective exercise to help with postural alignment through the following:

  • Incorporating self-massage techniques
  • Working on joint mobilization exercises
  • Use of massage therapy to develop neuromuscular activity in muscles
  • Addressing proper breathing mechanics

Neuromuscular Training and Stability Exercises

Neuromuscular training helps in improving control and functional joint stability. Adding this balance training to your workout programs can enhance the coordination of muscles around joints, increasing joint stiffness and strength.

Helping With Consistency and Patience in the Recovery Process

Working out with an injury can be difficult and painful for many people. Having the assistance of a qualified personal trainer can play an essential role in your health and fitness recovery process. The trainer will help you rehabilitate by preventing you from escalating the condition.

Importance of Proper Workout Techniques and Supervision

Proper workout technique ensures you exercise correctly on the target muscles and joints. While supervision helps with injury prevention. Resistance exercise is beneficial by increasing muscle strength, mass, flexibility, and composition. The aim of Mastering and learning proper workout techniques is the following:

  • To reduce risks for an injury like joint damage, muscle tears, sprains, and strains
  • Properly focus on your muscles
  • It helps with applying more tension for better results
  • It Promotes Better Breathing

Is Working With a Personal Trainer for Shoulder Pain Helpful?

Personal training is a better way of achieving your best goals, regardless of your condition. It is crucial to have a personal trainer guide you through the correct positioning and form during your workouts. You will not only see better results but also avoid more injuries.

If you want to see what personal training can do for you, contact Beometry staff today to set up your appointment and start achieving your fitness goals.

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