“Thanks to the coaching work, I have the freedom to not only express who I am but be OK with it. I was able to heal not only my physical body but my soul as well.”

-Monica P.

Coaching is not about telling you what to do. You probably know to be healthy you should eat vegetables instead of fast food. Not sit on your couch at the end of the day watching TV, but go to the gym after you get off work. Coaching is the missing link between knowing and doing. It’s more than telling yourself “to not be afraid” or to “just do it.” It’s about creating behaviors and thoughts that stick rather than forcing yourself to do it and constantly falling into failure.


The process is understanding the kind of person you are and how to work WITH yourself instead of AGAINST yourself. It’s about being kind to yourself and understanding where you are coming from, so you can move forward instead of judging yourself. By dealing with the source issues, we can avoid medicating with food, drugs, entertainment, or shopping and save those things for when they truly serve us. We can find clarity and take positive actions that moves us forward.

Our coaching process has supported clients in everything from pain recovery, life transitions and exercise, to discovering the right nutrition for their body. By working with a coach in person or long distance, you open yourself to becoming the person you’ve always dreamed of while having someone empower you with the tools, beliefs and process to do so. New success evolves from meeting you where you are so you can head for where you want to go.



“Through nutrition coaching, we tied my back pain to certain foods I ate and things I drank and worked to strike a balance that allowed me to enjoy life but optimize the way my body felt. It totally changed the way I eat, my consciousness of my day, my awareness of my body type for eating healthy fat, carbs and proteins, and avoiding the things that flared me up. It was amazing to see the connection of my back pain to what I ate. It had never occurred to me my back pain was related to food.”

– Dr. Sammy S.


What you eat and how it affects your body is different for each person. Some of us are from warmer parts of the world, others from colder parts. The food our ancestors ate and digested are different. Taking into account, not just what science and genetics tells us, but also how we feel after we eat different foods, are important factors in long-term nutrition compliance. Once you have an idea of when your body thrives, designing a strategy that works is the next step. Nutrition Coaching is about honoring your body and yourself and integrating ideal choices with your day-to-day schedule, so that you can see results in the way you look and feel.

Nutrition Coaching is for you if:

  • You haven’t found a nutrition program that works that you can stick with, or you are constantly following one diet or another.
  • You struggle to make good decisions and are influenced by the poor choices of people around you.
  • You know what you should eat or drink but still have a hard time DOING what you know to be better.
  • You are constantly derailed on making healthy choices for yourself.
  • You feel low energy and struggle creating other positive changes in your life.
  • You are in pain and have never been taught inflammatory nutrition.



“I am thankful that Beometry offered me physical and emotional tools and with coaching I am able to hold true to myself, unselfishly help others, connect, love and be a better person.”

– Richard T.


Success is wanting what you get. It’s not just the outcome, it’s the feeling you have during and after. Performance Coaching is about the generating the motivation to perform a behavior that excites you. It’s not about pep talks or high fives, but balancing internal and external motivators by understanding the conversation around the topic. Your relationship with yourself determines what you will do, what you won’t do, and how you will feel about both of those.

Performance Coaching Is for you if:

  • You feel out of balance in your life or purpose.
  • Have habits and patterns that are a result of anxiety.
  • Find an inability to express yourself that results in an outlet other than dealing with the problem.
  • Constantly make yourself wrong about actions, habits or thoughts.
  • Need support in clarifying a bigger picture for your life and goals.
  • Have specific goals you want to reach that feels overwhelming.
  • Have a busy mind that doesn’t allow you to rest or let go.



I had my first panic attack when my twins were two years old. They were in the backseat when, suddenly, I felt like I was having a heart attack and drove to the ER. The attacks never stopped coming. For more than six years, they came on so bad that I couldn’t be around people and could barely take care of my 8 kids. I almost lived in hermit mode afraid of my panic rising up from being awkward or scared. I saw 5 doctors including a neurologist, physical therapists, gynecologist, regular doctors...

—-Monica Perez

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