Start with an Assessment

After more than a decade of working with clients, we have learned that the two biggest things that stop people from physical success are injuries and plateauing.

If you are injured and can’t do the exercises, either you quit or you’re constantly in Physical Therapy spending hours a week just working back towards a baseline goal. Most people (even trainers) don’t know that asymmetries are the biggest indicator of future injury (after a previous injury… think about that nagging shoulder or knee). We check each joint for asymmetry and control to make sure your program is designed to keep you safe.

When you plateau, not only do you stop making progress, but you also get frustrated.Most people struggle with an exercise and don’t know why. The key is found in the nervous system (control) and the joint and soft tissue structures that surround it. If these aren’t measured and addressed, you can train an exercise for years and never improve: structurally, you can’t even get into position to use the right muscles. You become demotivated and quit.

In our structural assessment, we look at your body from toes to neck. That enables us to determine the most efficient path for you to align and prevent injuries,train frustration-free, and reach your goals as quickly, easily and safely—not just for today but for the long term.


Our flagship program that started it all! A small group program built from the ground up for fat loss, cardio and general strength. Combining camaraderie with non-stop movement, our hour-long, fat-burning sessions are a great way to meet like-minded individuals while sweating and smiling. Boot camp is offered more than 12 times a week, so you can find the schedule that works for you. Held indoors in our clean beautiful facility, session offerings never stop or start because of the weather, so you can stay in shape year long like our other campers!

Our program is an effective, three-days-per-week routine of strength, cardio and challenge workouts. You’ll never do the same workout twice, so you get the most out of your time in the gym.


  • Tried other group training sessions and didn’t feel like they were truly personal.
  • Want to be motivated and not waste time.
  • Need to strengthen your core to help your back feel better.
  • Need a support system that is supportive and fun.
  • Want to feel OK about yourself and trying new things.
  • Are committed to losing weight.

Boot Camp is included with all our personal training programs, so you always have a place to train and a coach to help you, every time you step into Beometry. All memberships include meal plans, at-home workout routines, extra cardio programming, grocery shopping lists and more.


You don’t need a personal trainer to be on a cardio machine. We are here to provide accountability, customized nutrition, and specific programming as the cornerstone of your personal program. Getting tired and burning calories can be easy, but what you get from your fatigue depends on what you do to get there. Before we start with any personal training, we take clients through two unique assessment processes. This helps us determine the emotional focus point that will keep you motivated, the strategies needed to ensure a long and successful health journey, and the current physical limits that stopped you from enjoying your life to its fullest.

Whether overcoming chronic plantar fasciitis or conquering back pain, from designing specific programs to keep athletes healthy to improving specific performance for military and firefighting personnel, or whether you are strengthening knees back to full health, our programs are designed for both your known and unknown needs.

Personal Training is for you if:

  • You want a training process, based upon a wealth of knowledge, to correctly develop yourself for the rest of your life.
  • Have a specific goal or target area.
  • Need more than a one-size-fits-all program in both exercise AND nutrition.
  • Have a demanding schedule and need flexibility in your sessions to meet your day-to-day needs and energy.
  • Need ultimate accountability inside and outside of the gym to stay consistent.
  • Get bored jogging and lifting weights on your own, and need someone to motivate you.
  • Frequently injuries and the fear of additional injury stops you from pushing yourself.

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