We are excited to support you towards health, rejoining activities that bring you joy, and fulfilling relationships!

Until we connect, as a courtesy here is more information on our Therapy Program. At the bottom you will seen an option to schedule your call with a Therapist at the most convenient time for you. If you are not able to schedule for whatever reason a therapist will be in touch via your contact information.

Your body is the most precious asset you will ever possess. If you think about the body as a house that is in need of service we can split the work that needs to be done with the body in THREE WORK ORDERS. Without all three we find clients either don't heal or heal by accident due to having work done that happened by luck to be in one of these care categories. A treatment session will usually include at least two of each of these categories each session.

  • Structure. Without the right support beams, we run into recurring problems, collapses, and constant expensive repairs. If your drywall is having a problem because the beam behind it is cracked and sloping logically wait to repair the drywall. Repair the beam first. Going after the first thing we see usually does not fix the problem. The repair needs to be done in the correct SEQUENCE. Different structure systems have to be inspected and sequenced needs to be respected in treatment.
  • Software. When your phone has a problem with the new operating system it can drain your battery and heat up to make up for the incompatibility. What looks like a battery problem to fix is a reboot of the older software program. Bad software can create bad hardware and by replacing the battery over and over again we just create a pile of batteries and a lot of trips to the repair counter. The body has preset software settings that need to be checked and rebooted.
  • Stasis. Electricity flows. We need a positive, negative and ground to make our lights turn on. The human body also runs off electrical currents, which is how a taser is effective at creating stasis of a working body. Without proper energy flow a house can easily burn down, the human body can generate many symptoms both electrical and physical without proper energy movement. Checking the electrical flow of the body is one of the most commonly missed components to care.

In your sessions, our Therapist will test you and determine System of Care as well as Sequence of Care. They will explain what they are doing as well as how they are finding these results on you in a way you can understand to aid your healing. You will be working towards healing in partnership with your therapist as your guide.

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