“My 13-year-old son’s swimming career was almost ended by a debilitating shoulder injury. After two doctors and three months of going to physical therapy three times a week, he still wasn’t better. After one session with Isaac, he returned to the pool the next day. It was the best 200 dollars I ever spent!”
- Lucy A.

Despite years of "corrective exercises" and strengthening drills to resolve pain and restore movement, some problems never vanish. Our search for the answer on why and how lead us to learn a wide array of Massage (intentional touch) Techniques that allow us to communicate with the body in different ways. What we learned—from doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and more—taught us one sure thing.



Tacoma Massage Therapy

Beometry's Massage Therapy offers transformative pain relief solutions. Through a diverse range of intentional touch techniques, our therapy program communicates with the body to address pain at its source, acknowledging its layered and complex nature.

Whether it's fascial massage, cranial sacral fascia therapy, fascial arterial treatment, or other specialized treatments, we tailor our approach to your unique symptoms, including migraines, knee pain, and nerve dysfunction.

Our experienced therapists employ techniques like strain/counterstrain, instrument-assisted massage, and muscle testing to provide targeted relief.

If conventional methods haven't helped, and you experience issues such as swelling, pain, limited range of motion, or unexplained loss of function, Beometry Massage Therapy may be your key to restoring well-being.

Pain is layered and complex; your body is smart. It takes old injuries and dysfunctions and creates compensations so you can function. Unfortunately, when your body runs out of strategies to compensate, pain signals that it’s time to heal the dysfunction. This dysfunction can be related to the connective tissue (fascia), actual adhesions or scar tissue, or even the receptors of the nerves that tell the body how to react.

Symptoms might be dizziness (vertigo), swelling, vision problems, pain, limited range of motion, or even post traumatic stress disorder. We have treated all of these successfully. Each requires a different process, beyond simply popping joints or rubbing tissue. We often treat clients for post surgical pains that never heal, as well as car accident symptoms that linger despite care from other treatments. Our treatment is not usually ongoing, because most clients are restored to full function within a few sessions and return to regular activities! We do not take insurance (we are too busy to handle medical billing). Beometry Massage Therapy may be the best investment you make in restoring your body.

Beometry Massage Therapy is right for you if:

  • Other massage treatments/programs didn't help, provided momentary relief, or made it worse.
  • You have previously suffered from a cranial impact or injury (these don't fully heal themselves).
  • You have excessive swelling or rapid weight gain, accompanied by pain.
  • Following a stressful incident, such as surgery or emotional trauma, your body reacts to stimuli differently.
  • You cannot stretch without pain/pinching in a joint.
  • Experienced loss of normal function with no explanation, despite even imaging provided by your doctor or specialist.



All my life, I suffered from migraines so bad my nose would bleed for no reason. There were times I was hospitalized after passing out. After treatment, I never had a migraine again. It has truly changed my life.


Your skull is the top of your command center. Not only does it protect your most vital asset (the brain), but all the nerves that control key factors, like vision and stress response, are there as well. We combine multiple styles of cranial treatment to take pressure off the brain and check the connection between the brain and the body. We have found that cranial treatment benefits even those with non-head related issues, as the body balances itself at the top of the head. In one simple scan, we can tell if you have a symptoms that would benefit from cranial specific treatment.

Fascial Artery Treatment

After arthroscopic surgery, my knee pain was so bad I could feel the weather in my knee and walked with a constant limp. After one session with Isaac, the pain went away and I was able to walk without a limp. It saved me from having a knee replacement.

Richard C.

Fascial arterial treatment allows greater range of motion and restores function back to an area. If you are a candidate for fascial arterial work, benefits can include increased range of motion, strength and reduction of pain. We commonly see arterial strain in people who experience chronic back pain, knees and shoulders. A primary indicator that you may be right for this treatment is tightness or burning.

Fascial Lymphatic Treatment

After sleeping on my left hip too much, I woke up with a tight achy and painful hip. I stretched, tried heat, ice and massage for six months with no improvement. After one session with Isaac, I woke up from my post treatment nap pain free!

Holly C.

Fascial lymphatic treatment allows normal blood flow to an area. Symptoms indicating that you may be right for this treatment are swelling, extreme pain from a massage, rapid weight gain, chronic sickness, and an inability to lose weight. Chronically tight traps and neck, as well as limited range of neck motion can also be indicators. Lymphatic dysfunction is commonly seen in hips that catch and become stiff. Swelling is one of the key problems in areas that do not heal; this system must be addressed before other treatments can be performed.

Fascial Nerve Treatment

After having back pain for years, my dad reached a point where he considered spinal surgery. In his mid 50’s, he was unable to return to work and pain meds no longer helped. After a few sessions with Isaac, his symptoms completely vanished. Not only is he able to return to work, but he now travels internationally on vacation.

Nimesh P.

Nerve dysfunction can take the shape of many problems. We often find them in the lower extremities like feet, glutes, or hamstrings. As they start to pull, they create issues in the upper body that may include anxiety, back pain and even indigestion. Treating nerves requires a look at the sympathetic (stress) and parasympathetic (relax) systems as well as the nerves that are related to muscular function. These often become entangled and require balancing of tension. You may be a candidate for nerve treatment if you’re experiencing severe symptoms that stop you from doing simple day-to-day things. If there’s one system the body does not like compromised, it’s the nervous system.

Fascial Visceral Treatment

After experiencing sharp lower right abdominal/pelvic pain, I was rushed to the ER where both my appendix and ovaries were almost removed. Upon imaging, they found neither were the problem; I was released with pain meds that didn’t help. I came in for treatment with Beometry the next day, and the pain immediately resolved.

Raven W.

Visceral (organ) connective tissue manipulation is commonly seen in medication-resistant issues. When painkillers don’t help, imaging doesn’t reveal anything, and pain is sharp, we often find a need for visceral fascial treatment. Common symptoms including difficulty breathing or taking full breaths, as well as sharp pains in the mid-section or pelvis region. Though most people panic when they hear “organ,” dysfunctional organ connective tissue is no different than any other structure in the body, and is both easy to treat and rule out. If you snore, you may also benefit from this treatment. Snoring strains the connective tissue of the lungs and throat: treatment not only helps provide more air into the lungs at night to promote peaceful sleep, but may also help upper back complaints.


This osteopathic manipulation is our most commonly used treatment. It allows us to look different kinds of connective tissue that send messages from your command center. While traditional massage seeks to relax a muscle, strain/counterstrain seeks to treat the source of the muscle tightness on a reflex level. A reflex is your body’s automatic response system over which you have no control (think about when you jerk your hand away from a hot stove). By treating the center of your reflex chain, your body receives powerful releases that you don’t get when working on muscle tissue alone or traditional massage. This is very specific, and involves an assessment before treatment.

Massage and Instrument-assisted Massage

Traditional massage has a place to increase blood flow to not only the muscle tissue but the ligaments and tendons that may not be receiving the blood flow to heal. Instrument assisted massage allows us to use a thinner tool than our fingers and hands to create a different chemical response and get oxygen in places that are too specific for us to affect by hand. Different forms of specific techniques may be used to separate muscles from each other that are stuck and causing pain or limited range of motion. The massage (intentional touch) work we do is very specific to restoring range of motion and reducing pain so we do not offer “relaxation” massage, only therapy treatment.

Muscle Testing

While training for a 53-hour straight workout, I suddenly developed a heel pain where it hurt just to walk. The pain continued for 3 months and worsened. I tried massage therapy, insoles, different shoes—even laid off the running. Isaac treated me and, in one session, the pain went away and never returned. I was able to do my 53-hour workout pain free.

Jess E.

By identifying which muscles are strong and how your body reacts to different inputs, we are able to see how your mind and body operate together. We use muscle testing when there may be something off in the connection between your brain and muscles. Using different inputs, we can get immediate responses and signals from your body. Muscle testing allows us to make an assessment about your body’s patterns and is very useful with treating stubborn pain or problems caused by repeated motions. The brain’s software is the primary thing we assess with muscle testing. Because of cross-body rotation patterns, you may be a candidate for treatments involving muscle testing if pain has resulted from a repetitive activity.


Isaac has made a huge difference in the quality of life for my and my family. Before I started working with Isaac, I was skiing and fell. To break my fall, I reached my left hand down and felt a snap around my elbow. I felt a shooting pain and my hand and arm immediately started to swell. I never recovered, and I had constant pain at a specific very sore spot on my elbow as well as pain and numbness in my fingers. Over two and a half years later, I still had the problem and couldn’t lift anyth...

—-JayCee G

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