Francine Gumina

One morning getting ready for work, I bent down to adjust the tongue part of my shoe, when I heard a little pop, and felt excruciating pain. Any direction I moved was extremely painful. The nurses at work told me to put heat on my back to get through work, and I went straight from the hospital to a chiropractor as soon as they opened. I saw the chi'...

Rich and Healther Cieplik

One day, I woke up at 8 am and my wife told me we were going to see my son’s therapist. I was skeptical: I had suffered from chronic lower back pain for four years. I figured it was part of my lifes “aches and pains,” but my left knee which I had torn playing soccer and had arthroscopic surgery for in 2007 needed a knee replacement. The docto'...

JayCee G

Isaac has made a huge difference in the quality of life for my and my family. Before I started working with Isaac, I was skiing and fell. To break my fall, I reached my left hand down and felt a snap around my elbow. I felt a shooting pain and my hand and arm immediately started to swell. I never recovered, and I had constant pain at a specific ver'...

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