December 8, 2017
Bethany A.

My marriage was on the brink of divorce. I wanted to share alot with my husband, but I didn’t know the best way of talking about it. I needed help with effective communication. I reached out to Isaac for coaching to help navigate what I hoped to accomplish in a conversation with my husband.
What I quickly learned is that my approach in conversation was still focused on an effort to support MY NEEDS. Isaac helped me realize that people feel as if the depth of their pain isn’t understood unless they get to say what they’re going through and know they are HEARD. I learned how to acknowledge the other person by repeating EXACTLY what they’ve just said, which gives them comfort knowing they’ve been heard and that I get it. This also opened up an opportunity for me to say things like, “I’d love to understand all of your pain and what it was/is like for you.”
This change helped me show my husband that I wanted to listen and create a space for him to heal from all the hurt. I took responsibility for my part in the pain he experienced. This provided an opportunity for him to walk away with a healed spirit. It completely shifted the dynamic of our relationship: we now have the most effective, honest and freeing communication we’ve had since knowing each other.
My husband and I are now committed to NOT STUFFING anymore and being open and honest in our communication and making the best efforts to meet each other’s needs. He shifted: instead of wanting a divorce, he committed 150% to our marriage, released the past, is not anxious about the future, and chooses to focus on the RIGHT NOW! Absolutely life changing!
The coaching Isaac gave me was specific to my marriage, but it will be useful for EVERY relationship I have. I genuinely know that I have taken a step in the right direction to become a POWERFUL communicator! Working with Isaac has been effective, efficient, and enlightening. He genuinely cares and is so personable and knowledgeable about the perspective of situations that most people do not look for, much less see. Anyone eager to communicate more effectively will benefit from coaching with Isaac.

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