January 8, 2018
Brian R.

Since turning 40 I noticed a big change in my body. Not only in my aches, pains, energy level and flexibility but the physical side of it affected me mentally and emotionally. In my mid 40’s I decided to make the time to change, I realized I can’t rely on a workout buddy or just go to the gym myself. Trying myself the last 30 something years hadn’t worked out so I knew I needed to invest in a personal trainer. I researched on the internet and googled and even though I had friends that had places they liked I wanted to do my own research.

I had trainers in the past and I felt like all I was paying was for them to make me show up, I didn’t feel like I was investing into an experience of wealth and knowledge. I felt like I knew just as much or more as they did. It was disappointing and I had to motivate myself and eventually I plateaued with them and said “I’m not paying for this anymore”. I needed more than someone who was nice and made me show up. I did a lot of research and was intrigued by Isaac’s diverse background, training and experience. Still when I came in for the assessment I was not expecting it to be a mind body experience, I got more than a tremendous amount of knowledge.

My body completely transformed with three huge things I never had before as a system: movement work/ stretching, strength training and therapy. It had been nine months since I had worked out and the stretching and movement work was a huge benefit to my body! Getting back into exercise I didn’t go through pain, the process is done in a way that I never felt damaged or in pain like before when I was working out with other trainers. I realized my old trainers didn’t know how to balance flexibility and strength training. With the HUGE benefit of flexibility I can recovery from workouts really quickly and I don’t have the days where I can’t walk and I’m super stiff. I can do things I could never do before. I had trained with my previous trainer for 9 months to do a chin up and never could do one, I barely felt any improvement. In less than 3 months at Beometry I am able to do them for the first time in my life! It’s encouraging and I’m working on new movements and graduating to more advanced work. I get bored really easily and they change the routine every month for me individually and that has been fantastic for not plateauing and staying motivated.

Treatment therapy has been a huge benefit. I had a chronic left shoulder injury from wrestling five years ago that always bothered me. It was so bad I couldn’t sleep on my stomach or turn my neck. It felt like someone was stabbing me with a knife in the front of my shoulder. Just sitting would give me sharp pain, now it doesn’t matter what position I’m in I never feel it anymore! I can sleep on my stomach, turn my head every way and it’s not a problem! I’m the kind of person who would never see anyone for something unless I’m literally dying, I always thought it would heal itself. Now I tell all my friends and business partners about Beometry. I see people with back pain limping who are 10 years younger than me to just go see Isaac!

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