December 8, 2017
Kay D.

I’ve been a walker, runner and aerobic class taker but never a gym joiner. The driving, making an appointment and working out always seemed like I could do that easier myself. When I decided I wanted to work with a personal trainer I wanted to be in a serious program that wasn’t going to waste my time and someone that was going to pay attention to me and take me seriously. During my initial assessment Isaac asked me questions that doctors had never asked even asked me before and showed me things I had never thought about like how one side of my body was stronger than the other or tighter. His personalized programs and not one size fits all programs won me over.

The biggest thing I realized was because of the specific stretches that are on my program and the length of time I was taught to hold them the back pain that I had for years and years while gardening or working has gone away. Previously sitting and working on the machine for 4-5 hours my back would really feel weak and sore and I realized the other day that I had no back pain at all after finishing five hours of work two days in a row!

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