December 8, 2017
Ken S.

I met Isaac at a training seminar in the East Coast and, since then, gaped at the knowledge he held. What is incredible is that I came to him for one thing and got that, and so much more. It had been a goal of mine to climb Mount Rainier and I had been training for it. One training day, I wore boots that where the wrong fit for me for 20 hours straight. My ankle on the outer right side was killing me. Every time I wore boots, it killed me. I had this pain for five months before seeing Isaac and, in the 90 minutes he worked on me, he resolved that pain and more. I went hiking the next day and climbed Rainier without ANY ankle pain, but I was most excited for what else he helped me with. For years I’d struggled with the inability to stretch my body. My hips had been tight for years, when I tried to do a butterfly stretch I just felt a sharp pain. I tried foam rolling, stretching, yoga, trigger point treatment, active release and nothing helped more than short term.

After my session with Isaac my legs, hips and shoulders relaxed and have stayed with me. Isaac found spots on my head that I would always rub and have to constantly massage and he treated them without me ever telling him about them. It’s been a lasting affect that I don’t have to rub my head anymore and the spots don’t hurt! My shoulders were so tight before treatment that I couldn’t overhead press and now I can. I had an old elbow jiu jitsu injury from an arm bar that also went away after treatment. For most of my life, I’ve had to crack my neck 15 times a day it felt so tight. Now I never have to crack my neck. He was able to locate these things on me without me even telling him. I wanted to climb Mount Rainier without pain and I got that, plus so much more. My hips are now so open, that I can open them really wide, way wider than ever before, which functionally has improved my sex life. All the incredible ways that his treatment has helped my body makes me plan to fly back to Washington for more treatment. I get excited talking about it, because it’s made such a difference in my life.

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