December 8, 2017
Linden M.

Working out my whole life physical fitness has always been a big part of what I do. I’ve been a personal trainer since 2010 and moved into corporate wellness coaching in Kirkland but since getting married have moved to Tacoma. I’ve worked out on my own, in classes and in bootcamps and the dynamic movement variety, fun and community atmosphere where the most important things in picking a fitness program for me. I came from a fitness community that was very teamwork oriented, supportive and fun and knew exactly what I was looking for in my next workout venture. Beometry’s services are the ONLY in Tacoma that do that. Since having brain cancer and having part of my right brain removed I’ve been fascinated with the body’s connection to nerves and have been working to get my left side of my neuromuscular system to work like it did before surgery. I’ve had recurring back pain after my workouts since 2012 and was looking to continue my fitness in a way that promotes overall health, wellness, and fun.

My very first session I was challenged but things felt doable rather than being defeated and I learned new ways I needed to move to stay out of pain and injury for my back as well as the stretches to take the stress f my back so it doesn’t hurt after workouts. My experience of stretching had been limited to yoga and I realized I had been doing the wrong stretches for my body. The training at Beometry excites me to understand why I feel so good after and the new insight on what works for my body and what doesn’t work for me as well made me realize that things that are easy to discount actually have significant impact. My first session with Isaac was the best training session I’ve ever had! I look forward to trying Beometry’s online fitness and nutrition coaching too.

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