December 8, 2017
Lyudmila K.

Beomtery Fitness has shown me how to take care of myself to do what I love how to stay strong and prevent injuries. I have played tennis for five years, I play three times a week and on the weekends two matches at two hours each. One day I was playing at a doubles match with my husband in Yakima for nationals and felt something wrong with my knee. When I tried to run to the side I felt something was wrong. The balls kept coming and I just stood there. Finally I told myself to go for the ball, stepped and my meniscus tore along with my ACL. I realized after my surgery that I needed to do more than just play tennis to be able to play tennis. After my surgery I worked with physical therapists, personal trainers and tennis coaches; one day my trainer at Physical Therapy was leaving and I asked him who I should train with and he suggested Beometry. It was completely different than all the coaches and trainers I had worked with before. I had enough cardio from tennis but didn’t understand that I needed to do stretching and movement work to actually play. This had made a huge difference for me as they actually looked at my whole system didn’t just give me more exercises to make me tired. I can do that myself and needed the expertise to address areas I wouldn’t have known about. The exercises are completely different than anything else I’ve done before. I had chronic tennis elbow and had treatment with Isaac for it and for the first time I could play tennis without it hurting! Another time I hurt my racket arm where I couldn’t lift it or reach it up, I thought I had torn it and it bothered me for 3 weeks. When Isaac treated it right away I could lift it again, the pain shifted to the back of the shoulder and in one session we got rid of that as well. I love the trainers at Beometry and everything else it has to offer! If you’re looking for a completely unique experience and something you couldn’t do yourself this is the place.

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