December 8, 2017
Nancy M.

Three years ago, I had a sudden onset of vertigo. It didn’t affect my ability to work or drive, but I couldn’t work out. Anytime the exercise started to intensify, I got dizzy. I went to the doctor and he thought I had fluid in my ear and didn’t do anything. After a few months of it continuing, I saw Isaac for one session and he treated my nervous system, it immediately went away and hasn’t bothered me since! A year later, I was in Santa Barbara getting up from a nap and my knee just went out. I kept falling down and my knee kept going out without any warning. If I stepped the wrong way it went out and I had to walk with a cane. I went to physical therapy and acupuncture for three months and they told me they had done everything they could but something as simple as pulling my leg up against any resistance made my knee go out. I experienced tremendous joint pain so I had arthroscopic surgery. After surgery my knee still went out, though not as badly and the pain came back. Both knees had chronic soreness as well as stabbing pain in my left knee. Isaac did one treatment session on my knees two years ago and the pain went away and the knee hasn’t gone out since. I couldn’t believe it! I could walk down stairs without pain which was the first time in three years! I kept standing up and down in my chair I couldn’t believe it! Our biggest challenge was yet to come.

In May, I developed a glute pain that didn’t go away after a week. I could only stand for about one minute, couldn’t sit and, every morning, the pain would be at it’s highest. I went to acupuncture and a doctor. The PA said it didn’t look out of the ordinary and gave me pain pills and told me to take it easy. Sometimes, the pain was so bad people had to tie my shoes for me. I had sciatic symptoms, numbness and pain down the foot it would hurt so bad I was crying every day. This pain slowly got better over the course of eight months during which I had acupuncture, massage (made it worse), and pain pills (didn’t help), but each treatment from Isaac was noticeably better. If I didn’t work with Isaac and just rested and took drugs, I would still be taking drugs and be in pain. It took work and time but, thanks to our work together, I am now pain free even after a mile of snow shoeing. It is a huge personal triumph!

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