January 5, 2018
Richard T.

I started with Beometry Fitness. Through my journey at Beometry, I realized my fitness had become a coping mechanism for not acknowledging my emotional response and needs. It got easy for me to be busy with work, school, and exercise, and not realize I was hiding from people. Isaac’s profound guidance showed me how to be in control of my emotions and anxiety and be more self aware, instead of letting them run me. Previously, the anxiety I had resulted in fast talking, irritability, and constantly doing work, work, work to ignore how I felt. I would bury myself in work and other “productive” activities and push everything down. I had never brought this up because I had never felt comfortable working with someone on the mental and emotional side of my journey. During my sessions with Isaac, I was able to talk about my life, dreams, aspirations and felt comfortable in a way that I don’t usually do. He showed me the path to self healing, self awareness, loving myself, and how to move on from the past. Like most nurses, I don’t take care of myself as much as I take care of others. I realized I need to heal myself before constantly giving. He showed me that coaching is the mesh of mental, spiritual, and physical, and I was able to open up to my darkest fears and push past them and strive for my goals. I am thankful that Beometry offered me physical and emotional tools and with life coaching. I am now able to hold true to myself, unselfishly help others, connect, love and be a better person.

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