January 7, 2018
Angela M.

As a mom of five I’m always thankful I came across Isaac. Before our work together I had been on active duty military for 4.5 years until I was medically retired. Because of the poor training (army didn’t tell us good pain from bad pain) I had both baxter nerves in my feet removed for plantar fasciitis pain, herniated discs that came with constant back pain and a right shoulder that kept popping out of it’s socket. Doctors had recommended surgeries for my back and shoulders but as a mom of three children under the age of five there was no way for me to take care of my busy kids while recovering from surgery, in addition surgery had made the pain in my feet worse than before so I was done with surgeries. Weeks after having our third child I did what everyone else did, I went to google and typed in “bootcamp in tacoma”; at this point my low back pain was so bad I couldn’t reach my shins bending over and couldn’t pick up my kids or do normal tasks around the house. I was done living like that, I knew I needed to get active, I was constantly tired and hoping through exercise I could get rid of some of the pain as well as some of the weight from all three pregnancies.

I found three places on google and Isaac’s was the only one who took the time to do an assessment and wanted to meet me and put me with the right program based off my specific needs instead of just doing whatever I wanted. When I first met Isaac it was CRAZY! He could tell me all about my body and what pain I had just by seeing me walk in. In a few minutes I went from not being able to touch my shins to being able to touch my palms to the floor. The first relief I had in my back in years. Normally I’m afraid of commitment but whatever he could have sold me I would have bought right there. From that point on I was totally bought into the process. He taught me to reactivate my core and align my body with something as simple as my water bottle. For the first time in my life I could feel my right leg wasn’t doing all the work on my squats, I could feel the right muscles working! I had never felt so strong in my entire life! I felt the workouts, my body felt the workouts, my back pain went away, I walked differently, even thing things he showed me like how to shift my shoulder made my shoulder pain away. Even the plantar fasciitis pain that surgery couldn’t fix went away.

Between his treatment and training my back, feet, back of knees and shoulders all literally feel like I’m in my early 20’s again! The pain has stayed away thanks to him showing me how to move correctly after the treatments and during workouts. I literally hear “What Would Isaac Do” in my ear when I train and it keeps me out of pain. From working with Isaac I got pain free, fixed my body and lost over 66 pounds! I hear people talking about how much pain they’re in, how the daily activities feel like so much work and I like many people used to accept it. Now after training and treatment with Isaac I know it’s not true; you don’t have to go through pain everyday until you die. Their simply not enough educated people to help, because of my time with Isaac I’m going to school to learn how to be a personal trainer so I can do for someone what Isaac did for me. I’m sad that Mom’s feel like they can’t take care of their bodies and their kids. Isaac showed me it doesn’t have to be one or the other. I avoided personal training because I didn’t want to spend the money and I hate doing cardio, I always thought “Why do I need a trainer to be on a cardio machine?” I don’t need anyone to do that. Beometry is the total flip side of that it’s the self investment opportunity of a lifetime.

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