December 8, 2017
Nimesh P.

I have been working out at Beometry Fitness since before when it was BeFit Tacoma in 2011. The growth and learning here is constant. It never stops. This is why the coaches and every person I work out with continues to get fit, get strong and thrive mentally in other aspects of their lives in addition to fitness. I’ve been to gyms where the environment is initially promising and then after a couple months I feel like I’ve figured it all out. The learning and evolution stop and it becomes just more repetition. While the repetition and habits are essential the Beometry Boot Camp offers mastery in so many angles. Cardio, strength, muscle pliability, movement, mobility, stability and most importantly safety. I’ve learned from training at gyms between Tacoma and Seattle there is a fine line between coach overtraining and pushing your clients as well as neglecting and not giving enough attention to clients. The coaches at Beometry have the rare balance of bringing you to the limit but doing so while ensuring your form and safety come first. For problems or injuries the coaches instantly make an accommodation for everyone so they can modify the session to ensure they don’t make a problem worse- yet they are completely included and just as much a part of the session as anyone else. The sessions have incredible music and the synergy of the fellow bootcampers create a special energy! The environment here has the feeling that keeps you wanting to come back and that’s why I live in Seattle and travel to train in Tacoma. Come in for one sessions and you will be hooked to the movement here.

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