December 8, 2017
Sameen S.

Working with Beometry on holistic health coaching, movement, and therapy has given me a total renewal process. I started my journey because of an injury. Back pain had always bothered me, but one day I threw my light bag into my truck and my back popped so bad that I was out of work for a couple of weeks. As a dentist, I worried about my career: I sit and twist most of the day, usually in the same direction. A few weeks later, I was just sitting and BOOM, it hit me again. My back went out worse than the first time. The injury woke me up at night from the pain, and although I was used to small constant aches and pains, this one kept me taking 2-3 days off at a time. It had me freaked out to a point where I was worried about being permanently injured and not able to work anymore. I was motivated to search for solutions to stop me from relapsing. For a total wellness program, I knew that I needed to work specifically with a personal trainer who focused on nutrition, strength training, stretching, and was able to combine them all.

The first thing I appreciated was the in-depth call and the time taken to focus on my health background and what I was looking for even on the initial consultation. The full body assessment and program combined into a full treatment, nutrition, flexibility and strengthening plan, which was exactly what I needed. I had never even considered treatment as a resource, but, with one session, my back pain was significantly reduced and I was able to go back to work. We also worked on nutrition coaching and tied my back pain to certain foods I was eating and things I was drinking. We worked to strike a balance that allowed me to enjoy life, but optimize the way my body felt. It totally changed the way I eat, my consciousness of my day, my awareness of my body type for eating healthy fat, carbs and proteins, and avoiding the things that flared me up. It was amazing to see the connection of my back pain to what I was eating. It had never occurred to me my back pain was related to food.

As a Dentist, most of my job is at the hands and wrists, because of all the work I do in the mouth. I had a previous work injury that never went away and hung around for years, worsening and worsening. Isaac showed me exercises that in just one week got rid of all the pain. Outside of the physical benefits, Isaac and I worked together with something I have never heard about and guided me through an insight process where I was able to experience, instead of analyze, my thoughts. I was able to gain insight on what I was feeling physically and emotionally and triggers that bothered me. I walked away from our coaching with a summarized list of everything I was going through at the time and a condensed way to work with them in a simple and clear manner. I’ve learned to do what’s right for me instead of following expectations and to let go of guilt. From the coaching, and therapy to exercise, Beometry has given me the total renewal process I was searching for.

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