January 5, 2018
Young J.

When I decided to take time off from work I knew part of rejuvenating and reenergizing my life was physically taking care of myself. When I was looking at options for getting back in shape I saw a lot of hype in the fitness world. There is so much self evangelizing, different cultures and everyone’s prices are completely different. It’s a confusing place. What I found quickly was that Beometry was the only place that asked you to come in for a consultation before just taking your money on a program you called about. I knew I was in need of some rehabilitation, cardio, correct posture and strength. For years I’d had back pain, numbness in my toes and felt off balance.

I had done a lot of research and considered just doing a 5X5 strength program on the internet and working out at a normal gym but my consultation at Beometry was eye opening. It gave me a baseline of things I knew about my body and things I DIDN’T know, in one hour I got so much information it was somewhat overwhelming but made me realize I was willing to invest and put my faith into the process because of how much education was available at this gym and how much education was constantly going into it. That allowed me to commit myself and not doubt and to follow the instructions and do things the right way. A big deciding factor was the culture and life approach of Beometry. I wanted to be motivated but I didn’t need some gung ho person yelling my ear off to do the next set. I enjoy being healthy but i’m not punch drunk on fitness trying to work out 24/7.

At Beometry they focus on health before fitness and that’s something I value about the instructors and people that come to this place. Besides going from 227 pounds to 198 pounds (without ever focusing on my weight) the biggest difference is I literally feel 20 years younger. Before starting it took inertia for me to even get off the couch, do basic life activities or even get out of bed. It was like I was fighting my body. Now the threshold for everything I do is so low living life is easy. One of my big factors for coming to Washington was Snowboarding, when I first came back to snowboard I realized how out of shape I was. Now thanks to my training my body feels better after a whole day of snowboarding than even two hours when I first came to Washington. I’ve been able to board four days in a row in Park City and have even worked out 7 times in an 8 day span, I could never have done that before even if I wanted to. My mobility is so different I almost had to reteach myself to snowboard and all my pain has vanished. I’ve learned a core discipline I can take with me anywhere I go to take care of myself.

It has been an invaluable investment for my life, one of the things I prioritize the highest and one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Outside of Beometry being a fitness place it’s also a place where I can trust the process and the people. If you’re looking for a gym that is maniacally focused on doing things the right way and developing yourself in a way that will impact the rest of your life come with a mind ready to receive.

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