February 10, 2024
Parting Ways With The Food That Doesn’t Love You Back

What discourages you from changing the way you eat?

Is it giving up the delicious treat you used to love?

I know what that’s like. It can feel like grieving the loss of an old friend. It can be heartbreaking! But, sometimes we come to terms with the fact that the food we love does not love us back.

So, we must part ways.

Do you love ice cream but you have to run to the toilet right afterward? Do you love coffee but your adrenals are fatiguing? Love nighttime carbs, but your waistline is growing?

Food that doesn’t love us causes trouble just like a bad romantic relationship would. It causes weight gain, inflammation, pain, tightness, hormonal problems, depression, and disease. It ruins our most valuable asset in this world- our health.


The beautiful thing is that when we accept letting go of the food that isn’t serving us, we can start to embrace the beauty and healing on the other side.

If you’re determined to start your healthy journey, our fitness coaches can help you out. Give us a call and we’ll be glad to be part of your journey

-Coach Michelle


Step 1

I know how tough it can be to give up foods you’ve learned to love over the ages. The first step is to understand that change will always take conscious effort. But, that effort won’t last forever. If you get past the initial struggle, you can overcome any unhealthy habit that is holding you back.

I’m on a gut-healing diet right now, where I cut out grain, gluten, caffeine, and eggs for several weeks. That means no popcorn- a favorite of mine! A few years ago, I would never have found it in me to give these things up, even temporarily. I thought- I just don’t want to. I whined and complained and wished that I could eat what I wanted and still feel and look amazing.

Have you ever thought- I want to lose weight, but I just don’t want to eat healthy all the time? Have you felt stumped after that? How can I improve my health without sacrificing what I love? I have had so many clients coming to me with the same question.

I’m here to tell you that you can change your taste in food. You can learn to love the foods that love you back! There can be a day when you truly desire what’s good for you.

Once you start doing the things you’ve been resisting in your health, not only will your body love it, but you may find something new to love on the other side. That’s really all it takes.

Break your old pattern long enough, and you will reach a point when it’s easier to keep up the new habit than the old. This has been proven time and again. After maintaining a habit for at least 60 to 90 days, it becomes easier.

If you’re determined to start your healthy journey, our fitness coaches can help you out. Give us a call and we’ll be glad to be part of your journey

-Coach Michelle

Step 2

The second thing is to be sure you are finding a way to make the process pleasurable. I’ve had clients telling me they don’t want to have to eat a certain vegetable like cucumbers or broccoli. The thing is, they don’t have to. Instead of focusing on what they can’t eat, I ask them- how can you eat more healthy things that you really enjoy?

Remember how I had to give up corn, one of my favorite foods? A few nights ago, I made some grain-free tortillas using chickpea flour and coconut milk. Ugh, they were- THE BOMB! I would even say they were better than corn tortillas. And I never would have made them if I hadn’t given up corn.

I could have felt bad about myself for not getting to eat regular tortillas. But instead, I embraced what my body needed and discovered something new and delicious because of it.

Health and Fitness are passions of mine. But, they weren’t always. I never would have become a health and fitness professional or learned how to cook healthy delicious meals, if I hadn’t had the problem of gaining weight and needing to make a change.

On the other side of every challenge is always a blessing.

What food or habit do you need to let go of that hasn’t been loving you back?

What blessing are you missing out on because you have been resisting change?

If you’ve been trying to make a change, but find you keep getting stopped, getting the right support around you can make all the difference. If so, I’d love to support you inside of my free Facebook group here. In the group, you’ll be surrounded by a community of support. I’ll share with you all kinds of healthy alternatives to comfort foods and snacks, and mindset tips on how you can keep building your health and healing for the long term.

If you’re starting your health journey now, remember that if you keep going, your success is inevitable. There are blessings and delicious treats for you on the other side!

If you’re determined to start your healthy journey, our fitness coaches can help you out. Give us a call and we’ll be glad to be part of your journey

-Coach Michelle

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