• 16.04.2021
    4 Ways to Sleep Better Besides Melatonin
    If you've tried melatonin or other sleep aids, you probably know they're meant to be temporary fixes. They are great for jet lag, sickness, unusual late nights, or adapting to a night shift. But, if y
  • 10.11.2020
    Stop Avoiding the Scale: Use Information to Move Forward Instead of Spiraling Into Self Doubt
    Have you ever avoided the scale, afraid of seeing your weight? Avoided looking at your bank account, afraid of seeing how little is in there? What if that knowledge was actually the key to losing we
  • 10.07.2020
    Five ways to improve your digestion that aren’t related to what you eat.
    There's loads of talk right now about how to solve digestive issues. But, what if the solution isn't just about what you eat? In my own journey of healing, and in the process of helping my clients h
  • 23.05.2020
    Is healthy eating boring you? Here’s my solution.
    The number one cause of overeating is boredom. Did you know that? It's a recipe for disaster because so many people find healthy eating boring in the first place. So, they start to eat healthier foods
  • 10.05.2020
    Parting Ways With The Food That Doesn’t Love You Back
    What discourages you from changing the way you eat? Is it giving up the delicious treat you used to love? I know what that’s like. It can feel like grieving the loss of an old friend. It can be he
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