November 10, 2020
Don’t Avoid the Scale If You Want to Lose Weight

Have you ever avoided the scale, afraid of seeing your weight?

Avoided looking at your bank account, afraid of seeing how little is in there?

What if that knowledge was actually the key to losing weight and making your bank account grow? Though it doesn’t always feel like it, knowledge is power. A common pitfall is avoiding looking at that knowledge.

“Information Overwhelm” stops many. But overwhelm is just a part of growth. Overwhelm is what happens when we have a bunch of new information and a loss of clarity or focus.

It’s not the information that’s the problem. It’s how we respond and deal with that information that causes overwhelm and self-doubt.

Don’t Avoid the Scale If You Want to Lose Weight

Weekly or Daily Weigh-Ins

Regular weigh-ins, whether on a weekly or daily basis, play a crucial role in effective weight loss and weight management. Consistency fosters awareness and accountability, helping you to stay on track with their goals.

Best Time for Weigh-Ins

Weighing yourself once a week, particularly in the morning and on an empty stomach, provides a more accurate reflection of your progress. This timing minimizes the impact of variables like food and fluid intake, offering a clearer picture of your weight management journey.

Track Progress for Motivation

Use tools such as spreadsheets or weight loss apps to track your progress. These tools not only document your weight changes but also help identify patterns, keeping motivation high throughout your weight loss journey.

Weight Fluctuations 

Factors that Influence Weight Fluctuations

Recognize that factors like glycogen levels, water retention, and salt intake can lead to weight fluctuations unrelated to actual fat loss or gain. Understanding these variables is essential for interpreting changes on the scale accurately.

Muscle Gains vs. Fat Loss

Muscle gains can offset fat loss, influencing the number on the scale. Even if the scale doesn’t show a decrease, improvements in body composition may still be occurring. Consider other indicators of progress beyond just weight.

The Scale is Just a Tool

It’s important to understand that the scale provides just one metric in what should be a multifaceted approach to health. Progress can be measured in various ways, and attention to overall well-being should take precedence over a singular focus on the scale.

If you’ve ever felt stopped by self-doubt or “information overwhelm”, check out the video below. I’ll share how to use new information to move forward instead of staying fearful and stuck.

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Keep Growing,

Coach Michelle

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