March 11, 2020
Boost Your Compromised Immune System Against Coronavirus

By now you’ve heard of the coronavirus. The latest strain of the virus that has Seattle based employees working from home, vacationers trapped on cruise ships and Italy embargoed.

As a preventative health care worker, I get asked about my take on coronavirus.

It’s a real virus and like any virus, it can cause illness and even death. But our real issue is in how we are taking care of our body before the virus shows up. Your human body is so intelligent; it wants to help you get through EVERY stressor that you encounter.

Your immune system is not run by your conscious brain systems, it is run by your subconscious brain. Which is called the autonomic nervous system.

When I work with clients who get sick often; I am looking for what is CREATING the immune system weakness.


A client I worked on recently was sick every month. Thanksgiving, Christmas, January…February… and then every time she flew on an airplane she would get sick.

How is it that someone could be ill so often? Her daughter and her husband could be on the same plane, breathe the same air and not get sick. What was going on with her?


But how do we help an overstressed immune system?

We all get sick.

Sometimes we get very sick.

Your body sees being sick as a stressor, the more stressors we have the less efficiently we recover.

Sometimes we don’t get to fully address an issue before someone hands us another one. These stack up and get stored and suppressed.

A client I work with had a history of adrenal fatigue. Besides feeling fatigued she was always getting sick.

When I was in my early 20’s even though I was training with weights two hours a day I was also getting sick almost every week.

It didn’t matter how strong physically I was, what was missing was a healthy immune system. 


There are Six main categories I work with for boosting immune system health. For the purposes of this post, I am going to cover three large ones.

  1. Neurolink – If you haven’t heard of Neurlink you likely aren’t from New Zealand. Neurolink was created by the brilliant Doctor Phillips.

It is a treatment system for working with the wise autonomic ( remember that word) system of the body.

Before Neurolink I was getting sick at least twice a month (which is pretty embarrassing as a health and fitness instructor).

That ended when I contracted STREP C.

Because I never recovered from STREP C.

For two months I couldn’t work, couldn’t talk and had terrible fevers. I kept suffering until a therapy colleague introduced me to Neurolink. Neurolink doesn’t focus on the problem, at hand it looks at all the stressors on the autonomic system.

If I hadn’t had Neurolink performed on my immune system I would have had to have my tonsils removed to get rid of the “infection”. 

The real issue was my immune system was too cluttered to get rid of the STREP, despite multiple rounds of antibiotics.

Antibiotics are of little use when the entire system is so deeply filled with deep viral dysfunction. Which is why some people recover from MRSA and why others need to have a limb amputated.

How bogged down is the individual’s immune system?

I trained as a master level Neurolink practitioner after recovering from STREP.

If you haven’t had this done – get this treatment from someone.


When you have a worry that is incomplete you park that information and worry in your “THALAMUS”.

Thalamus is the threat detection part of your brain. The exposure to a threat in the brain releases stress hormones like cortisol.

Cortisol creates an immune cascade of effects from high blood pressure to osteoporosis.

The emotional stress then becomes a physiological threat.

When the body senses physiological threat it also creates more stress to the thalamus.

Imagine walking on a sprained ankle, that’s STRESSFUL.

When the physiological pain ramps up the Thalamus gets stuck in a vicious cycle of overload.

It’s also worth mentioning there are different glandular dominant types. People respond differently to stress depending on how they use resources in their bodies.

In the same way – you have three people squatting and maybe one feels it in their glutes…

Same stress but different responses.

Address stress Emotionally and physically.


This is one of the most overlooked aspects of any program. On a cellular level if your nutrition is toxic then you will be toxic.

We can supplement: 

Vitamin C is a water-soluble antioxidant which means you would have a hard time overdosing on it ( you can pee it out) and it will boost immune system function.

The lower limit you should be getting a day is 90 mg. That’s about two oranges.

The upper limit I wouldn’t worry about…it’s about two airborn tablets (2,000mg)

You could do that, but why start there if you’re eating foods that suppress your immune system or are full of toxins?

Are you eating Fried foods or not aware of the smoke point of your oils?

Incorrect oils create Free Radical Cell Damage – which creates inflammation.

When the immune system is fighting germs it creates more free radicals and more inflammation.

This triggers more pain and threat to the thalamus….

Are you eating Sugary Carbs?

Virus and Bacteria FEED off sugar, it’s like giving them a home to live in and attack your body.

Are you eating enough Healthy Fats? Without Proper Hormone production and regulation, your immune system will be compromised as well as your energy.

For many people, they are sensitive or intolerant to food combinations. Their meals are actually flaring their immune system.

We need to create an optimal chemical environment that supports healing and low stress instead of damage and feeding viruses and bacteria.


When something like Coronavirus hits it reminds us being healthy is not a luxury.

As we age we take on stressors, most of which are never healed or treated. The effect of this is our body can’t handle the new stress that’s presented onto it.

Everyone’s symptoms of stress may vary but what’s sure is we all have it.

Coronavirus is a real problem. I believe adrenal fatigue, getting sick every week, or having chronic Strep and not being able to speak and having high-grade fevers is just as serious.

Doesn’t it make sense to take care of our health all the time instead of hoping the virus goes away?

Let’s summarize what’s important here:

Get rid of old viral dysfunction in your glands = Get Regular Neurolink

Express and release emotional stress  = Emotional Health is A Real Killer

Resolve Physical Pain and Issues = Physical Pain Is Real and Loops to the Brain

Eat Good Quality Fats in the Right Amount = Regulate Hormones and Avoid Free Radicals Inflammation

Keep Sugar Levels Low = Don’t Feed Viruses and Bacteria

Consume Daily Vitamin C = Supplement or Eat Two Oranges (best done after a workout)

If you need support with Neurolink, Emotional Stress, Feeling Stuck, Physical Pain or Nutrition, you can contact one of our fitness trainers here at Beometry and we will be glad to be part of your healthy journey.

We are here to help you feel your best, live your life fully and provide you with the information and the action you need to move forward.


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