December 22, 2017
How Brain Wiring Stole Your Success

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The One Word To Remember “ Neuroplasticity”. Think muscle memory, the more you do something the easier it becomes for you to do. Your brain is the EXACT same way in the way it wires thoughts. For example: If you engage in an activity to eat something that later makes you feel miserable, such as eating pizza and drinking alcohol the more you do it the more you fire your neurons to allow yourself to continue that activity. Trust me, I’ve had a hard time rewiring many bad nutrition habits.

You may have heard of the famous Winona Ryder going to jail for shoplifting. How could someone who was so successful think breaking the law for small items was in any way a life-enhancing activity? In the same way, someone who shoplifts normalizes something we would never consider OK. our brain starts to allow us to fire the same pattern faster and faster until we don’t even realize the impact it’s making in our life. We end up unhealthy, out of shape, in pain, tired and thinking next year has to be better than this one.

One negative thought equals faster and more negative thoughts! Negative thoughts generally create negative experiences. The more you allow negative thoughts the more negative experiences you are likely to have.


Instead of removing negative thoughts, develop a routine for adding positive ones. It is as simple as starting your day with anything you are grateful for that supports you and your goals in life.

An example for me is when I drink a green drink (vegetable drink) in the morning. I’m grateful that I get to start my day with something so healthy and it puts me in a state of being thankful for other things in my life.

Another example is when you find yourself being frustrated with your partner you could start listing in your head all the positive things that you appreciate about them. I did this yesterday with my wife when we were discussing some miscommunication we had and my behavior because of it. Instead of letting my defenses kick in and making her wrong about my perspective I reflected on how much I love her, why our relationship and our happiness in our relationship is important to me and then answered her.

Focusing on overriding our negative and unhelpful neuroplasticity channels is a daily practice and impacts your health from relationships, postural habits, financial decisions and mental well being.

If you find that most of your thoughts are skeptical or negative, maybe you hear the little voice right now talking to you and you feel like having someone do a complete mind map process and developing a strategy for you, it would be helpful then to have your own personal coach and help you with the transformation that you need.  Schedule a call with a Beometry Coach to support you.

You Are Here For A Reason,


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