November 12, 2020
Success in the Face of Adversity

Success During Adversity

“In the middle of every difficulty, lies opportunity.” It’s Coach Bri here and I’ve been reflecting on that statement. 👋

During the COVID pandemic, I’ve witnessed clients make massive progress. In their health, and in their fitness. All despite lack of access to typical gym equipment. Weighted plates, dumbbells, and kettlebells were replaced with items such as cans of soup, laundry detergent jugs, books, backpacks, and babies.

Yes babies, such as my now 10 month old (doing heartbeat squats in the pic 💞).

It’s been a big reminder to me that no matter what’s going on around us, we CAN progress, we CAN thrive… if we choose to.

Overcoming Adversity

To overcome adversity, we must cultivate the right mindset. This involves focusing on desired outcomes, drawing strength from past successes, breaking challenges into manageable steps, and choosing to rise to the occasion. This proactive approach is essential in fitness and translates well into other aspects of life.

Why Fitness Works Well in Cultivating a Stronger Version of You

Fitness and wellness contribute significantly to personal development. Beyond physical health, they bring benefits such as improved mental well-being, increased confidence, reduced stress levels, and enhanced productivity.

The Right Mindset

Often, it’s only the story in our head that prevents us from moving forward. In facing adversity, mindset plays a crucial role. Reframing challenges as opportunities can lead to personal growth and success. Connecting with our core values and self is essential for personal fulfillment and inner peace. The journey from difficulty to triumph builds character and defines success.

Constant Learning

Adversity is not merely a hurdle to overcome but a teacher. Learning from experiences and applying lessons gained can lead to profound personal and professional growth. Reflecting on past triumphs over adversity strengthens self-awareness and resilience.

How to Cope with Adversity

Overcoming adversity is a multifaceted process. Strategies include letting go of expectations, acknowledging our role, self-reflection, positive self-talk, visualization, maintaining healthy habits, finding humor, celebrating accomplishments, surrounding ourselves with positive influences, connecting with nature, and seeking support from others.

Personal Growth Through Adversity

Adversity is necessary for personal growth and building resilience. Enduring and overcoming challenges not only leads us to victory but also personal transformation. The ability to overcome adversity empowers us to become the best version of themselves.

It’s been a beautiful sight to see so many people gracefully transition through the dips of this past year.

And if that hasn’t been you, then I invite you to contact us now and send us a message to have a conversation about how you too can better your health, your fitness, your energy, and your life.

Here at Beometry, our goal is to support you in being the best person than you were before. Here to support you, Coach Bri ❤️

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