October 27, 2020
The Art Of Bending: getting to pain-free squat depth especially if you have knee pain

Why do we start out squatting perfectly as babies, and then we’re unable to squat to the floor as adults? Why do so many experience pain when squatting?

Some say sitting is the cause of problems while squatting. But is that true?

At Beometry, we were finally able to solve knee pain when we started to understand what’s actually supposed to happen as your hips get more range of motion (e.g., when you squat). 

Squatting is just about folding! You’ve got to fold your knees. Then you’ve got to fold your hips. If you’ve got an issue with the relative motion of either of those, then you’ll have to compensate. And it’s compensation that runs us into problems.

In the Facebook Live video linked below, Isaac will teach you all about squats. He’ll show you a couple of different kinds of squats, and he’ll tell you everything you need to know about what happens when we’re all born with great squats… and then we lose great squats… and how you can start to squat pain-free again!

Check out the video here:

And then head over to the Total Body Confidence group to share what you learned and see more content just like this! Isaac is going live every week with insights that members are calling “invaluable”. We’d love to see you there! If you are also interested in having a coaching session with us, we would love to help you out!

– Coach Michelle

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